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66 Ft 200 Le Ds Waterproof Starry Fairy Copper String Lights Usb Powered For Bedroom Indoor Outdoor Warm White Ambiance Lighting For Patio Halloween Thanksgiving Christmas Party Wedding Decor

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Good news! 12apm is now have 66 feet copper string lights to released. Each strand equipped with 1 USB port and comes with 1 USB power adapter. WHY US? Strong and durable LEDs - 12apm string lights adopt with Durable leds which can actually have a life time expectancy of about 100, 000 hours. This is approximately 11 years of continuous operation. Waterproof and bendable copper wire - The copper wire strand is waterproof with IP65, leds can also be used in all weather conditions. The string light's Bendable and Flexible which could shaped around plants, signs, furniture and almost everything Portable and perfect for outdoor applications - 12APM string lights is Portable for outdoor light seasonal decor with USB power source/PC USB interface which makes it easy to decorate indoors and out Ideal Length - This is a 66 feet string light with 200leds, the string lights will decorate your home, restaurant, cafe shops and create a romantic and welcome atmosphere for you. And you can image how great it is when you use the string lights for outdoor camping! Distance between lights: 3. 5" Bonus with extra Power Adapter - Still wondering to spend more money to power it up? The strings lights design with an universal USB port, also bonus with a FREE Power Adapter (included)to operate. 3 years quality warranty -12APM LED string light is affordable, efficient, and with RoHS and CE-certified which will be a great choice for your decoration purpose . We offer 3 years quality warranty. Specification: - 66Ft IP65 waterproof copper wire with 200 individual LEDs, 5 feet adapter cord with USB socket. - 2700-2900K warm white-yellow color temperature. - UL certificated USB AC/DC power adapter (not waterproof), 110-240V input and 5V/1. 5A output. Package Contains: - 1 * String Light - 1 * USB power adapter

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