Diy Cleaning Liquid For Tiles, Bathroom Floor,Toilet, Steel Sink

Bed & Bath / Bathroom Sink
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How to clean tough stains and grease from tiles of sink , bathroom floor, sink, wash basin? this video has a n answer to it by DIY CLEANING LIQUID which is not harmful like stores bought cleaning liquid click here for baking soda cleaning uses video- CLICK HERE FOR DIY ROOM FRESHENER- THINGS FOR DIY CLEANING LIQUID baking soda-1Tbs ( add more for tough stains) vinegar-1/2 cup lemon -2 water-2cups spray bottle LINKS YOU CAN PURCHASE IN AMAZON(affiliate) Link for Essential oil - AROMA MAGIC- NYKAA TEA TREE OIL- SOULFLOWER LAVENDER OIL- allin lemon oil- aroma magic lemon oil- soulflower lemon oil- vinegar - baking soda- big spray bottle- sink strainer- stainless steel sink strainer- strainer silicon- cleaning gloves- free size gloves- floor scrubber- fold-able funnel-