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If you've made it this far down into the description, wow what are you doing here my goodness how far you've traveled but welcome, and I'd also like to give a huge huge thanks to Popsockets for letting me do a second round of these. A little more about the pop sockets themselves, you can totally customize the color of the plastic that sticks to your phone which is incredibly cool and you can match to whatever your beautiful imaginative little aesthetic is. A common question I get asked about them is how long they last, as you saw in the video mine had been on for 4 months, they do get a little wear and tear but my very first pop socket lasted about a year before it needed replacing which for $15 and HEAVY ASS NOT FUCKIN AROUND USE cost me $0.041 cents a day I mean hell yeah fuck me up literally no one asked for that math but i just downloaded a cool calculator app and things aren't going to calculate themselves. I have never had an issue with them coming off of my case, if you are looking to adhere them to something make sure it's a completely flat surface though otherwise things might get weird but that's just common sense (I hope) and I cannot express to you how easy it makes things like snap chatting and fucking people up in hearthstone with one hand. Like I can never go back easy. For those of you who know who Rome is and who Rome's tiny human is, Rome's tiny human tries to knock Rome's phone out of her hand and her pop socket says NAHNAHANAAHHHHH, I don't think sooooooo. So I mean if you have a tiny human they're also invaluable for protecting your intelligent cellular telephone from smashing to the ground into a thousand unusable but still somehow expensive pieces. Also just to give you an idea of the type of people who run the company Popsockets are (lol maybe I'm not supposed to tell this story but I'm going to anyway OOOOO IM GON GET IN TROUBBLBLEEE jk i think it's alright if not shhh i'll take it down)... I got an email after the first round from a girl (we shall call her Lori I'll just respect her privacy) who was paralyzed from the chest down and was finding it incredibly difficult to hold and use her phone...until she got a pop socket and it helped her immensely. Then everybody else that she hung out with that was also paralyzed was like wohaahhh dude what is that and wanted some... and the creator of pop sockets himself was so touched by his product helping people that he made sure to send some their way. I mean. My heart. So it really is a great product, great people run this company, and I hope a little Kermit and Marbles can brighten your life as well. And if you made it THIS far in the description well we might as well be dating because you are now my boyfriend/girlfriend/gender neutral and yes I love you back.

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